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About Us

Fridays For Future is a global people's movement for climate justice. We at FFF India are inclusive and egalitarian, non-partisan, autonomous and decentralised movement.

All are welcome. All are needed.

Why are we going on climate strike in India?

Climate strikes or marches are peaceful, non-violent ways to let our national and state governments know of our demand to address the ongoing climate crisis and ecological breakdown. 

Climate Crisis in India

Declaration of Climate Emergency would firstly require the national government to address this ongoing climate crisis. Flash floods and heatwaves are causing more damage than the rate at which we are 'sustainably developing'. The IPCC assessments for policymakers must be used as a tool to implement any new or review existing policy frameworks.


This means climate and ecology should become our topmost priority in decision-making at verticals from national to ward level. Individual contributions always count and will add on towards the targets, but on a larger scheme of things, only a change in the system can sustain these individual changes. 

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