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Our Values

1. Everyone is welcome. Everyone is needed

We are primarily youth-powered, but we welcome everyone and all parts of everyone. We strive to make our movement a safe and positive environment. We prioritise inclusivity and intersectionality. Our struggle is across all spheres, and it is intergenerational. We must unite for a better future. 

2. We have a mission to ensure that our planet is livable 

Our work is directed towards enabling a livable planet for our generation and the generations to come.

3. We work to enable a space of love and acceptance

We avoid calling people out and partaking in cancel-culture. We foster an environment of love and acceptance; shifting the blame on the systems of oppression instead of individuals. We appreciate and celebrate each other.

4. We enable an environment of regeneration and self-sustainance

We believe we need to enable an environment that encourages nurturing and self-sustenance to protect ourselves and as well as others. 

5. We strive to dismantle systems of oppression

We challenge the systems of oppression that we have been raised in and we continue to re-learn teachings from the same. We believe that for climate change mitigation we must tackle the contributing systems of colonialism, capitalism, patriarchy, casteism and racism that have enabled oppression and exploitation of beings and the land. 

6. We actively avoid power structures

We work on breaking down hierarchies to ensure that our movement remains leaderless and decentralised

7. We amplify the voices of those at the frontlines of the climate crisis

Those who are on the frontlines of any movement should lead that movement. We strive to amplify voices from indigenous people, marginalised communities, LGBTQ+ community, and women. 

8. We are a non-violent movement

We use peaceful, considered and thoughtful actions to fight the climate crisis.

9. We value knowledge sharing

We work on reflecting on our actions and experiences. We learn from each other and other movements. 

10. We are beyond politics

We operate outside the confines of any one set of political beliefs. We believe in democracy and the power of people and we demand a people-led recovery for climate justice.

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