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  • Esha Sharma

Goa-Tamnar Transmission

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Since the time I learnt how to spread my wings till today when I can span the entire sky, my home kept shrinking. I don't know why this is happening, and i don't know where everything has gone. All the trees, all my friends- everyone is gone. My mum told me that humans need electricity but why at the cost of my brothers and sisters? This has been home to 120 species of birds along with such a huge variety of animals and other organisms. Bhagwan-Mahaweer is going to lose all the life it has and I am nothing but scared for my life. A fellow birdie told me that the same humans will take away Anshi-Dandeli too and my striped mates won't have a home as well. You know, Dandeli was called the “birder’s paradise” *sigh*.

The transmission lines make the animals feel cloistered and create the illusion of a barricade. It affects our movement and psychology, so much that it starts hindering our reproductive processes and we end up extirpated. They plan to afforest with dwarf medicinal plants but what if they don’t suit the habitat and end up worsening the condition? My mum told something about the transmission lines radiating electromagnetic waves which can kill us. I didn't quite understand what she meant but it sounds scary. I’ve seen my uncles and aunts die from electrocution and fire ignitions and I know the numbers will hike after the lines are laid.

I may not completely understand why there is such a dire need to lay this line or if they are trying to find a better way out but I'm sure they can try to make this easy for us. We can spot brightly coloured lines and understand how to stay careful. The humans can even research well about the right kind of afforestation they have to compensate the loss with. Proper insulation may prevent fires but no one has spoken or thought of it till now. Maybe that is because they don't know that I exist.

I hope humans understand that there is always a way out of atrocity; that there is always a sustainable way out. This is killing us now and will end them in the future. I just hope that they understand.


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