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Myths and realities

Myths and realities are all around us. And at times it does get overwhelming deciding which ones to believe and which ones to not. So to help you in this process listed below are a few myths and their realities.

Climate change is an issue of the future

Well, this couldn't be further from the truth. Climate change is a contemporary issue and an urgent one in the least. The rates at which the icebergs are melting, temperatures are increasing and numbers of animals are diminishing, it won't be surprising to find the threat of climatic collapse knocking on our doors. While further generations will be the worst hit, our generation won't lead an easy life either. In fact, it is our generation with the last actual opportunity to save the climate. So wake up and join us in this fight for the present and the future.

Animals will adapt to climate change.

This is true. Animals are quite adaptable and many have the capability of adapting to the new conditions posed by climate change. However, it's not all sunshine and rainbows. While some animals will adapt some will not. Some will be forced into extinction, unbalancing, and breaking the food chains. Adaptation is a slow process and animals will simply not be able to keep up. This the future for certain species don't seem so positive.

Carbon dioxide makes a tiny portion of the atmosphere. It won’t make a difference.

Carbon dioxide does account for only one-tenth of the total atmosphere but it has a staggering impact on the overall climate. Its high heat-trapping properties are a major contribution to the ever-increasing temperatures. While the heat-trapping helps maintain the temperature, excess creates a problem. It's not carbon dioxide that's the problem, it's the excess which poses a threat.Coming across myths is inevitable, however, believing in them is a choice. After all, a myth is just a lie conveying a truth.


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