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  • Srinithi Senthil

Things I Learnt on my Journey

My journey began some two odd years ago. An article popped up in my notifications, I clicked on it. It read, “UN Report on the State of Nature”. It contained the key points of our world’s biodiversity and environment status. I was devastated after reading it. I knew things were bad but I never knew they were worse. And after having known that, I felt a sudden urge in me to make things right. But I was just one person, what changes can I probably make alone? If not a change, I know I can surely spread awareness and maybe someone gets inspired from that and makes the change that I couldn’t. That’s where it all began,

I started to research about the climatic and environmental changes happening all over the world. I educated myself on the things we were doing wrong. I started looking into eco friendly lifestyles. I spread more and more awareness. I put out a call for action every now and then something bad happened to our environment. And my research led me to Fridays For Future. I got to know what they were and found out that there was a chapter in India. I learnt about them and started following them on social media. I supported my state local chapter however I could. I shared their posts on my page to garner more attention on the serious matters happening. Any little deed, no matter how small they were, if they could make an impact or amplify the voices of justice, I did them.

Not long ago, Fridays For Future India had invited everyone for a nation wide zoom call to talk about the State Climate Action Plan. I joined in on the call. Until that call I always thought there weren’t enough people to care about the conditions of our environment. And I never saw people in action either, so I always assumed I was the only one. But that call changed my life. In that call were hundreds of youngsters who wanted to change this world into a better place. Youngsters who were ready to work day in and day out to make those said changes. I patiently listened to all the suggestions everyone had to give on how we could garner more attention to the things we have to say about the climate and the solutions we could implement. At the end of the call they said they were in need of volunteers and told us that we could apply to be a part of their team. I applied right away and volunteered under the blogging and content writing title. Within a weeks time they had reached out to me and made me a part of their content writing team. They gave me a warm and a friendly welcome and I so easily became a part of them.

Looking back at my journey, I now realize that when you stand up for the right things, you’re never truly alone. I had my faith in humanity restored after watching the young minds of our country work towards bringing about a change. And to know that I’m now a part of those very same people who are doing their part of goodness to the world is truly dream-like and inspiring at the same time. Supporting and working towards the right things for this world is never a weakness or an odd deed, I know that now.


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