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  • Ayesha Shaikh

We are Dumbledore’s Army

Remember how in “Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix” the Ministry of Magic failed to acknowledge that Voldemort was indeed back, in fact, they also kept interfering with the initiatives that the kids had taken. We are living our Potterhead dreams. Just like how the Ministry of Magic didn’t take tangible actions against Voldemort, our governments are also not taking actions against the climate crisis. Voldemort is the climate crisis in this scenario. And no matter how dejected we feel, how helpless and hopeless we feel, we all know that Voldemort died in the end. :)

We are the heroes that we read about in books.

Youth from all over the world are united for fighting this climate crisis. We all come from different places yet we share the same promise. We might not even speak each other's language yet we can understand each other. Every day, we are striving to create a more inclusive environment. We are dismantling our preconceived notions. We are educating ourselves about social issues and we are working hard to ensure that we are being kind to everyone. We are acknowledging our privileges and trying to practise compassion and empathy. We are challenging the government! We are challenging large corporations. Despite our hectic study schedules, we are taking out time to fight for our future. This is seriously so commendable!

Not to mention, we’ve got some amazing music too!

“Power to the people

people got the power

tell me can you feel it

Getting stronger by the hour”

Screaming “power” and “people” at the top of your lungs with so many others around you is so empowering, it’d make you feel like your life is a movie. Adding on, singing the adaptation of Bella Ciao (an Italian protest folk song that was modified and adopted as an anthem of anti-fascist resistance by Italian partisans) which is now known as “Sing for the Climate”.

“We need to wake up

We need to wise up

We need to open our eyes

And do it now now now

We need to build a better future

And we need to start right now”

We may not have wands or spells but we have our voices, our experiences, our determination. We are the Dumbledore’s Army and we’ll rest only when we have defeated Voldemort!

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