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  • Srinithi Senthil

Whatever It Takes

“Wake up, eat, work, tweet about world problems, sleep”.

As sad as it seems, it’s the truth. Growing up, I’ve always wondered how this was the only planet that’s alive and how it’s endless. But, now finally as a-some-what matured person, I realize that it can end. How? Not by alien attacks or robots, but by me, you and us. Now straight to the point. This world has a lot of problems going around it. In the West, we have shootings, separation of families, and now the BLM movement and in the East we have rapes, border attacks and environmental crisis. And as a whole, we are at a loss of aquatic animals, polluted water bodies and governmental troubles and the biggest of all, global warming. The people having the power don’t care and the people who care, don’t have the power. Solving one problem at a time may have seemed ideal before, but now it’s either we end it or it ends us. A friend of mine once told me that this world needed more people like me, people who cared. Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t and me just writing about it is not going to solve it. This world needs people who take a stand, who spread awareness, who actually do something. This world is broken, and unlike you and me, it unfortunately does not have anyone to pick it up. Let’s stop seeing earth as something we live in and more as a friend. Your friend is dying out there and you’re out here posting in Facebook quoting, “1 like=1 rupee. Please help my friend.” Enough graphic representations, enough comics and enough posts of this world ending. If this doesn’t scare us then what will? Let’s start. Let us not wait for anyone to start it. As cliché as it sounds, be the change you want to see. And on top of it, there is enough going on in this world, we don’t really need the hate. If you don’t support it, stay put, don’t put down others in the name of hate. This is a CRISIS! And in this hour of need, we need to stand united. Let’s not hate anyone anymore. Show love, give love, not just to people, to animals, to your environment, to yourself. This world needs you, even when people make you feel otherwise. If not out of respect or responsibility, at least be the change, do the change, out of pity. It’s not late people. We can still do this. Aren’t you tired of sitting around, waiting for someone to do something? You don’t need me to tell you that we live in a world where people with the power cared for a building more than they did for the piles of garbage floating around in the Pacific; a world where a whale dies every week due to the huge amounts of plastic in its stomach; a world which is ready to cut down hundreds of acres of its forests for companies to set camp; a world defined by nothing but money and greed. That’s the world you want to let your successors live in? That’s the world you ACTUALLY want to live in? I don’t think so. There are three types of people, those who do the change, those that don’t care and those who oppose the change. Choose who you want to be. I know my words won’t have much effect on people, but maybe, just maybe, if it can inspire someone, someone who can start the change that you and I couldn’t, it would have an impact on my faith in humanity. It’s not about how much we lost. It’s about how much we have left. Everybody needs a happy ending right? It doesn’t always roll that way. Sacrifices are, will and should be made for something like a normal version of the planet to be restored. In the end, I just want peace.

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