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  • Pooja Sathya

Why I Live a Sustainable Life

Imagine a world in which every human being regarded the four elements which is EARTH, WATER, FIRE and WIND as a fighting element for our existence. Treated it with respect, guarded it ferociously. What a beautiful life it would be.

The scale at which the current Industry is now operating does not make sense at all. The sheer volume in the last 15 years, the production and consumption has almost doubled- its shocking. We are buying more and using it less. Its just disposable waste that we are creating, even though we do not need it. In short, there is just one word- UNSUSTAINABLE.

Anything and everything that we consume today, has a direct impact on the environment. We are in the midst of the most urgent wake up call that humans have ever had. This is a question of how we perceive ourselves in nature, of which we are all a part. We must ask ourselves and each other: what is my intention? It is about realizing what is really important to us as individuals, communities and societies.

For million of years, our planet has self-healed and self-balanced. But today, humans and other species living on it are facing its biggest test. We need to understand that, if we behave the way we are today, there won’t be a tomorrow.

A Sustainable Life is with respect for our people and our surroundings having made under good working conditions, from environmentally and animal-friendly materials. It is about choosing what you feel is best for you and within your capabilities. It is about consuming less and choosing quality over quantity. It is about living in the present and holding on to what we already have. Consuming less also really makes a difference, it is more enjoyable than you might think and of course-saves money. Do you really need it at all? Does it make you happy? Or does it only add to the mountain of stress-inducing things in your life? We can’t just improve the world by buying more for our self-satisfaction. For everything we consume, resources are needed. Does everything have to be new? Or can it be second-hand?

We believe that sharing is caring. It is not about religion, it is not about politics, it is about LOVE! If you love something, or somebody, you want to understand them, you want to take care of them and protect them and keep them safe. That is what we are all here to do. And if take care of them, they will take care of us. If we want to see the change, then we must contribute towards it.

To live a Sustainable Life, we must care for what we have already have and safeguard it for a better future. We can reverse the system by making things better, not fixing what was bad. Can you imagine that? We are no longer degenerating, we are regenerating.



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